Placement of a day order identical to one not completed on the previous day. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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renewal re‧new‧al [rɪˈnjuːəl ǁ -ˈnuː-] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] COMMERCE when people arrange for a contract, agreement, deal etc to continue:

• The contract comes up for renewal next year.

• The government can deny license renewals if a station doesn't carry adequate programming for children.

• a six-month renewal option

2. [uncountable] when a company, economy, area etc is changed and improved:

• proposals for economic renewal and growth

ˌcorporate reˈnewal [countable, uncountable] COMMERCE
the process of completely changing a company in order to make it become more successful:

• Consultants were brought into the company to devise and execute a plan of corporate renewal.

ˌinner city reˈnewal also ˌurban reˈnewal [uncountable] ECONOMICS
the process of bringing new jobs, industry, homes etc to the poor areas of large cities:

• The new mayor has made urban renewal his priority.

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renewal UK US /rɪˈnjuːəl/ US  /rɪˈnuːəl/ noun [C or U]
the act of making an agreement continue for an extra period of time after it has come to an end: »

contract/licence renewals


The purchases are subject to annual renewal.

be due for renewal »

If your car tax is due for renewal, do it before Budget day.

the act or process of making changes to something in order to improve it so that it becomes more successful: »

economic renewal

a situation in which something begins again after having stopped for a period of time: »

Pharmaceutical shares also benefited from the renewal of interest in growth stocks.

be/come up for renewal — Cf. come up for renewal
See also CORPORATE RENEWAL(Cf. ↑corporate renewal), URBAN RENEWAL(Cf. ↑urban renewal)

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